Gift Opportunities

Where Can I Help the Most? Thank you for considering supporting the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance. Here are a few areas that will help the Conservatory most.

Unrestricted Giving to the Dean's Opportunity Fund

You create a world of possibilities when you give to the Conservatory Dean's Opportunity Fund. Each year the school discovers new and unanticipated opportunities that can profoundly affect students.  It might be a chance for students to perform at le poison rouge in New York City or a chance to hire an internationally known guest artist.

Your gift to the Dean’s Opportunity Fund can make sure that the Conservatory can take advantage of these transformative opportunities by providing flexibility and readily available resources.

Join the Dean's Circle

Your gift at the Dean’s Circle level is essential to the excellence and growth of the Conservatory. Support our students and faculty by joining the Dean's Circle with an annual gift of $1,500 or more.

Dean's Circle Membership Levels   devotee

Visionary: $10,000+

Virtuoso: $5,000–$9,999

Maestro: $3,500–$4,999

Conductor: $1,500–$3,499

Contact the Conservatory development office to learn more about making an annual gift, or make your annual gift online now.


Endowed Scholarships and Fellowships

Some are born performers. It is evident in their talent, dedication, and ability to connect with an audience. These promising students need an environment with outstanding teachers and mentors in order to excel. That’s why they choose the UMKC Conservatory.

Your endowed scholarship will help make the hopes and dreams of these students a reality. Your gift can make the difference for many students in whether they are able to attend UMKC.

A scholarship endowment of $25,000 or more will transform lives forever.

Please join a growing group of contributors dedicated to the success of our students.

View a list of current scholarships.

Contact the Conservatory development office at to learn more about starting an endowed scholarship.


Endowed Faculty Positions

Create a legacy at the Conservatory that makes a lasting impact for generations to come. Endowed faculty positions support the work of the world's preeminent performers and teachers.   Chairs and professorships may bear the name of the donor or another individual and are considered the most prestigious of all appointments.

Endowed faculty positions attract and retain the most acclaimed talent.  As a donor, you may create endowed positions for a particular instrument or area, or you may choose to leave the position open to support the most deserving candidate.

Because an endowment creates its own funding stream, endowed chairs and professorships are not affected by ever-declining state appropriations. The single best way to continue attracting faculty of the highest caliber to the Conservatory is with an endowed faculty position.

Contact the Conservatory development office at to learn more about endowing a faculty position.



Pianos are the lifeblood of any school of music and dance and UMKC is no exception. Pianos are used daily for practice, rehearsals, classes and performances. Gifts to support piano repair and acquisition are especially useful. The Conservatory’s goal is to become an all Steinway school.


Bequests and Estate Gifts

Including the UMKC Conservatory in your estate is a thoughtful way to ensure future support for our talented students and faculty. Your estate can establish an endowment for scholarships, faculty support or program enhancement—whatever you choose!

Find out more about Estate Gifts to UMKC.