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Hali Fieldman

Associate Professor of Music Theory

Hali Fieldman holds bachelor's and master's degrees in flute performance (from Peabody and Eastman, respectively) and the Ph.D. in music theory from the University of Michigan, where she worked with William Rothstein and Andrew Mead. She has been at UMKC since 1999. Her research focused initially on problems of sonata form in Schubert's music, and have broadened to include other related questions on music's temporal nature. This has led to work on symmetrical design and formal generation in a minimalist work, to an interest in Bartok's music and the implications of content for form, to work on gesture and timing in performance, and to temporal implications in Schenker's prolongational models.


She has given presentations on these ideas in various national forums, including the Society for Music Theory, Music Theory Midwest, Music Theory Society of New York State, and the New England Conference for Music Theory; and internationally at the Colloque internationale Franz Schubert in Paris, the International Society for the Study of European Ideas in Bergen, Norway, The Third International Conference on Music Theory in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the 14th Nordic Musicological Congress, Helsinki, Finland. She has published in College Music Society Symposium and in the Journal of Musicological Research, with a pending article in Music Theory Spectrum; and continues to be active as a coach.