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Ann Shaughnessy

Ann Shaughnessy, a Kansas City native, began dancing at age 14, taking classes from Donna Des Marteau, Becky Lucas, Liz Dimmel, and Tobin James. She started teaching at 19 and continued her dance training at UMKC where she received a BFA in Dance with honors in 2002. Ann has performed and taught in and around the Kansas City area for about 12 years: She has performed with Dramatic Truth Dance Theater, a-ha! Dance Theater, Reach...A Movement Collective, and more recently for independent choreographers such as Tiffany Sisemore, Tuesday Faust, and Jane Gotch. She has taught at many local schools and studios including Community School for the Arts, Kansas City Ballet, Penn Valley, UMKC, Carnegie Arts Center in Leavenworth, Dancerz Unlimited, and currently at Tiffany Performing Arts Center. Ann has taught at City in Motion since 2005 when she also first joined the City In Motion Dance Theater, and has choreographed for both the company and the Children's Dance Theater.