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Jill Marlow Krutzkamp

Adjunct Instructor, Dance

Jill Marlow Krutzkamp, pilates and wellness director, and professional dancer, has been dedicated to dance and the performing arts for more than 27 years. Her formal dance training began at the Draper Center for Dance Education in Rochester, New York, at age 12. As a result, she spent time studying at the American Ballet Theatre, Boston Ballet and at Indiana University.

Jill spent 14 years dancing professionally, beginning her dance career with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. She then spent nine years with the Cincinnati Ballet and recently retired from the Kansas City Ballet after completing her fourth season to pursue her passion of helping others with the development of their dancing careers.

Jill earned her degree in health education from the University of Cincinnati in 2011, training more than 400 hours and interning at Prehab Pilates & Physical Therapy in Cincinnati. Since, she has been a pilates instructor for the Kansas City Ballet. Jill presides over a health-inspired blog, Dance Healthier, which promotes and inspires the integration of dance in living a healthier lifestyle.