Conservatory Faculty Frank Diaz Starts New Orchestra


The Conservatory is pleased to note that faculty Frank Diaz has created Omni Ensemble Orchestra, a new class that will also be open to all string musicians. The class, CONSVTY 497, can be taken for credit but is also open for members of the community to attend at no cost.

Associate Professor Frank Diaz and the Conservatory’s music education department and administration had a desire to develop more musical opportunities for community members who are not music majors, which culminated in the creation of this ensemble. The class is also for music majors who want the opportunity to mentor others or develop skills on a new instrument. Auditions are not required, but experience playing a string instrument is required. Diaz will be the primary conductor of the class, however conductors from the Conservatory and around the community will be guests as opportunities arise.

“This ensemble will allow people to play their instruments in a low-pressure situation where the joy of making music with others is the primary goal,” Diaz said. “We will also have people to provide mentorship for those who feel they are rusty in their skills.”

For this first season, Diaz plans to have a concert at the end of the spring term. Concert details have not been determined yet.

“If Omni Ensemble Orchestra is successful and well received, we hope to continue into next fall and beyond,” Diaz said.

The Omni Ensemble will meet on Mondays during the spring semester starting Jan. 25, 6–8 p.m., Central United Methodist Church, 5144 Oak St., Kansas City, Mo. UMKC will provide music stands and sheet music. Individuals must use their own instruments.

The only cost is for those who want to take the class for credit. To join the ensemble, people can register for the class at UMKC or contact Diaz at or 816-235-2354.

For more information, please contact:

Name: Dana Self
Phone: 816-235-2949