Conservatory Saxophone Faculty Zachary Shemon Performs


Zachary Shemon, saxophone faculty at the UMKC Conservatory, performs on the Leeson Saxophone at the Sioux City Symphony’s (South Dakota) “Night at the Museum” concert Saturday, October 17, at the Orpheum Theater.  The alto saxophone, which is from the collection of the National Music Museum, is remarkable for its association to the first American classical saxophonist.

According to PATRICIA BORNHOFEN of, "The curators at the National Music Museum have a habit of calling this particular 1937 Martin ‘Broadus Committee Handcraft’ sax, the “LeesonSax” – emphasizing not the maker or the model, but the man who played classical music on it: Cecil Leeson."

Shemon performs Glazunov's Concerto in E Flat Major for alto saxophone and string orchestra, Opus 109, which is the piece Cecil Leeson performed in 1938 on this saxophone.

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