Shao Zhang, former DMA Conducting Student is Active in China


Former DMA conducting student, Shao Zhang, who studied with Robert Olson has conducted the following operas in China.

Legend of a Patriot, by Hao Weiya, Shaanxi State Opera House Chorus and Orchestra, premiered August 2013 in Xi'an People's Theatre, production at CNCPA (China's National Center for the Performing Arts) Opera Hall, March 2015 with the same cast and company.

Fleeting Clouds, the Splendid Library, a "symphonic" musical by Jin Fuzai, Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Chorus and Orchestra, premiered June 2014 in Suzhou Grand Theatre, followed by staged performances in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Shenzhen with the same cast and company (more shows expected).

The Spring River, by Hao Weiya, Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra Shanghai Opera House Chorus, premiered Oct. 2014 in Shanghai Grand Theatre, featuring baritone Liao Changyong. To be restaged by the end of this year.

Regret for the Past, by Shi Guangnan, China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater Chorus and Orchestra, premiered March 2015 in Shanghai Grand Theatre, featuring tenor Warren Mok (one of the Three Tenors of China). (To be restaged next Spring.)


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