Dr. Robert Duke To Visit UMKC Conservatory


The Conservatory is pleased to note that esteemed educator Dr. Robert Duke, Marlene and Morton Meyerson Centennial Professor and Head of Music and Human Learning at The University of Texas at Austin, will be at the UMKC Conservatory April 19–21, 2015 to work with UMKC Conservatory students and community educators.

Dr. Duke is also University Distinguished Teaching Professor, Elizabeth Shatto Massey Distinguished Fellow in Teacher Education, and Director of the Center for Music Learning at UT-Austin.  He is also an advisor to the Psychology of Learning Program at the Colburn Conservatory in Los Angeles.

The most recent recipient of MENC's Senior Researcher Award, Dr. Duke has directed national research efforts under the sponsorship of such organizations as the National Piano Foundation and the International Suzuki Institute. His research on human learning and behavior spans multiple disciplines, including motor skill learning, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience. His most recent work explores procedural memory consolidation and the cognitive processes engaged during musical improvisation. A former studio musician and public school music teacher, he has worked closely with children at-risk, both in the public schools and through the juvenile justice system. He is the author of Scribe 4 behavior analysis software, and his most recent books are Intelligent Music Teaching: Essays on the Core Principles of Effective Instruction and The Habits of Musicianship, which he co-authored with Jim Byo of Louisiana State University.

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For more information, please contact:

Name: Dana Self
Phone: 816-235-2949