Irritable Hedgehog Label: New Release of Piano Music by composer Eva-Marie Houben


Irritable Hedgehog, an imprint run by Conservatory alum David McIntire, releases  a new selection of music by Eva-Maria Houben.  Featuring two compositions, abgemalt and go and stop, this disc explores the nature of sound, silence, and the moments that seem to be both and neither.

The pianist is Conservatory alum, R. Andrew Lee, who teaches at Regis University, Denver, CO.  He is one of the foremost interpreters of minimal music and his CD of William Duckworth's The Time Curve Preludes was chosen as a 2012 Critics' Choice by Gramophone Magazine.

Eva-Marie Houben teaches at the Institut für Musik und Musikwissenschaft at the Technische Universität, Dortmund, Germany.



For more information, please contact:

Name: Dana Self
Phone: 816-235-2949