Conservatory Piano Technician Kent Swafford Wins 2011 Golden Hammer Award

About the Conservatory

The Piano Technicians Guild has awarded UMKC Conservatory piano technician Kent Swafford the Golden Hammer. The award, shaped like a piano tuning hammer, honors exceptional service to the Piano Technicians Guild and is the association’s highest award.

Swafford’s service to the PTG is long and distinguished. He served as the president of the association 2005–2007 and has also been a frequent contributor to the Piano Technicians Journal and an instructor at numerous educational seminars.

In choosing to honor Swafford, the award committee specifically cited what they call his “behind the scenes” contributions doing everything from managing electronic mailing lists to finding a last minute student artist to perform at this year’s convention. The committee also specifically cited Swafford’s rejection of the limelight in favor of quiet problem solving. But for his part, Swafford says his service to PTG has always been a bit selfish because he gets more then he gives. “They say I have done a lot of things, and maybe that is true, but I only did the things that I wanted to do, choosing those things to do in PTG that would be both fun for me and teach me things I needed to learn. For me, nothing has been more true than to say that service to the Piano Technicians Guild is its own reward.”

Congratulations to Kent.

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