Chen Yi's Ge-Xu Reviewed in Chicago Sun-Times


Chen Yi's Ge-Xu is mentioned in Andrew Patner's "Zhang Sharp with buoyant music" review in the July 10, 2010 Chicago Sun-Times.  Chinese conductor Xian Zhang directed the Grant Park Orchestra during their Grant Park Music Festival.  Patner noted, "Zhang likes to open her concerts with a rare contemporary or modern piece. Here it was the 1993-94 "Ge Xu" ("Antiphony") by another Chinese woman based in the U.S., the Canton native Chen Yi, 20 years Zhang's senior, whose career was interrupted by the Cultural Revolution. Based in Kansas City where she is also a popular professor at University of Missouri Conservatory of Music, Chen's music is rooted in Chinese and modern American traditions and is almost always catchy and attractive. "Ge Xu" is inspired by festival music of the minority Zhuang people in southern China and matched its festive purpose."

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