Music Therapy Graduate Student Alaine E. Reschke-Hernández, MT-BC Featured in Perspectives Magazine


Music Therapy Graduate Student Alaine E. Reschke-Hernández, MT-BC, who is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant with the Conservatory's Music Therapy faculty, is featured in the UMKC alumni magazine Perspectives for her work as a music therapist with autistic children.

“I’ve been a music therapist for six years now, and all six years I worked with children with autism,” says Reschke-Hernández, a board certified music therapist. “My full-time job when I finished my bachelor’s was in Florida public schools. I saw about 150 children a week with autism. I was a little scared at first because I hadn’t worked with many children with autism. I ended up loving it. “In those three years of working with so many kids,” she says, “I saw so many things happen through music therapy that weren’t happening through other therapeutic areas. Other people working with the kids were saying, ‘This child has never done this before’ and ‘How are you getting them to do that?’ I just became really curious about why? What makes it happen?”

Perspectives writer Pat McSparin notes, "Reschke-Hernandez says that it was her love of working with the children combined with not understanding autism that led her to work toward her master’s degree in music therapy. Her paper, titled “A history of music therapy treatment interventions for children with autism,” will be published in The Journal of Music Therapy this fall."

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