UMKC Conservatory Faculty and Alumni Win In The Pitch's Best Of Kansas City 2012...


The Pitch's Best of Kansas City, 2012 issue has awarded Best Ofs to several Conservatory faculty, staff, and alumni. We are thrilled! Here is the line up.

Bobby Watson, William D. and Mary Grant/Missouri Professor of Jazz Studies, best inspirational performance (celebration at the station)

Peter Witte, Dean, best big thinker

Hermon Mehari, 2010 BM Jazz Studio Music Performance, best collaborator

Virgil Thomson concert, best overdue reward, includes mentions for Nathan Granner, 96 BM Voice; Ben Gulley, 08 BM Voice and 2011 Graduate Certificate Voice Performance; Mark Lowrey, alum; Elizabeth Suh Lane, 86 BM Violin Performance; Barclay Martin, 04 BA Sociology from College of Arts and Sciences, not a Conservatory alum, but we'll give him a shout out anyway!; Karen Engebretson, ’96 BM Organ Performance, 98 MM Organ Performance

Vigthor Zophoniasson, 2010 BM Voice, Student Services Coordinator, best recovery (in The Fantasticks at Spinning Tree Theatre)

Congratulations to everyone!

Read it here!

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