UMKC Conservatory Students Place Very Well At NATS Auditions!


The Kansas City Chapter of the National Association of Singing (NATS) held its annual auditions at Mid-America Nazarene University, Olathe KS, Sunday, Feb. 4, 2012. Singers from the Conservatory swept 16 of the 28 awards available to college-level singers, including 1st place awards in four of the six divisions to Angela Gribble (Advanced Division), Zoe Melcher (Upper College Women), Patrick McCoy (Upper College Men), and Royce Strider (College Musical Theater).

2013 Division Winners

CM1-Lower College Men

2nd Place: Chris Carbin Student of Dale Morehouse 

Honorable Mentions: Vince Woods Student of Dale Morehouse

Matthew Marx Student of Dale Morehouse

CM2-Upper College Men

1st Place: Patrick McCoy Student of Dale Morehouse

2nd Place: Royce Strider Student of Dale Morehouse

3rd Place: Andy Wilson Student of Ray Feener

CW1-Lower College Women

2nd Place: Cloe David Student of Ray Feener

Honorable Mentions: Evelyn Wouters Student of Rebecca Sherburn

CW2-Upper College Women

1st Place: Zoe Melcher Student of Aidan Soder

3rd Place: Anna Hacker Student of Aidan Soder

Honorable Mentions: Emily Botts Student of Rebecca Sherburn

MT2-College Musical Theatre

1st Place: Royce Strider Student of Dale Morehouse

3rd Place: Zoe Melcher Student of Aidan Soder

Advanced Division

1st Place: Angela Gribble Student of Rebecca Sherburn

2nd Place: Stephanie Meyer Student of Rebecca Sherburn

3rd Place: Ellen Hinkle Student of Rebecca Sherburn

Honorable Mentions: Jessica Salley Student of Ray Feener

Brandon Russell Student of Ray Feener

Congratulations to all of the singers who participated, and thanks to the pianists and vocal coaches who supported them.

For more information, please contact:

Name: Dana Self
Phone: 816-235-2949