Conservatory Faculty and Staff Handbook

Mission Statement
Faculty Matters
Conservatory Bylaws
Conservatory Organizational Chart
Criteria for Promotion and/or Tenure
Guidelines for Post-Tenure Review Standards
Graduate Faculty Status Criteria
Studio Change Request
Faculty Professional Absence Policy
Faculty Professional Absence Request Form

Faculty Travel Funding Request
BPM 501.Travel
Missouri Ethics Commission
Master Class Funding Request
Copyright Guidelines and Procedures
Syllabus Components
Procedures for Part-Time Faculty Course Enrollment
Curricular Matters
Curriculum Proposals and Modifications links
Personnel Matters
Regular Faculty Workload Policy 310.080 from UM Collected Rules and Regulations
Conservatory Tenure-Line Faculty Load Policy (Approved 3.2.10)

Conservatory Rank Expectancies (Approved 2-7-12)
NTT Faculty Guidelines
Department Chair Guidelines 20.110 from UM Collected Rules and Regulations
UM Collected Rules and Regulations web link
Conservatory Promotion and Tenure Annual Review Process 2014-2015
Mid-Tenure Review Guidelines (Approved 10-9-12)
Conservatory Professional Activity Report for 2014
Individual Faculty Plan and Self-Evaluation 2014
Faculty Leave of Absence Instructions
Extra Compensation and Summer Pay Policy
Staff Matters
Staff Directory with Job Descriptions
Academy Structure
Conservatory One-Page Directory of Faculty and Staff
Classroom and Hall Booking Procedures
Student Matters
Enrollment Management Guidelines
Procedure for Appeal of Grades
Campus Resources
Employee On-The-Job Injuries Instructions
Campus Crime and Safety Report link
UMKC Conservatory Parking Hang Tag Policy