Frequently Asked Questions about Conservatory Admissions

Visiting the Conservatory

  • How can I schedule a visit to campus?
    • For prospective undergraduate students, we offer group visit days through the UMKC Welcome Center.  Visit Days take place once or twice per month and include information about UMKC in general, information about the Conservatory (degree plans, application process, auditions, and scholarships), and a campus tour.  Official Visit Day events last from 9 am–1pm, but we encourage students to stick around to visit afternoon rehearsals for Conservatory ensembles (September through April only).  Sign-up for Visit Days is online here:
    • Prospective transfer students: Please contact our Conservatory Admissions Office ( for information on scheduling a visit.
    • Prospective graduate students are welcome to contact a faculty member in their desired degree area to arrange a meeting.  A list of Conservatory faculty with contact information is available here. The Conservatory Admissions office is also happy to meet with any graduate applicants who have questions about the application, audition, or scholarship process—please contact us to request a visit.  We request that you contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your desired visit date.
  • I can't be there for an official visit day, can I still come visit?
    • If you are unavailable for a visit day, we may be able to schedule an individual appointment for you.  Individual appointments will focus on Conservatory degree programs, application process, auditions, and scholarships, but will not include a campus tour.  Campus tours may be scheduled separately (given availability) through the UMKC Welcome Center at 816-235-8652.  We request that you contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your desired visit date.
  • How can I schedule a meeting or lesson with a faculty member?
    • To meet with a Conservatory faculty member, please contact that faculty member directly.  A list of faculty contact information is available here.
  • I happen to be in the area and want to stop by, will someone be available to meet with me?
    • Our faculty and staff maintain busy schedules, so we are not typically able to accomodate walk-in appointments.  We recommend that you contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your visit date to inquire about availability.  If we are unable to meet with you, you are welcome to walk through our buildings and "get a feel" for things.  There is usually a lot of activity on an average school day!

Degree Programs

  • What degree programs do you offer?
  • Can I minor in music or dance?
    • The Conservatory does not offer any minors at this time
  • Can I double major at the Conservatory?
    • We do have Conservatory students who complete two degrees concurrently.  The most common double-major combination is a Bachelor of Music in Performance and a Bachelor of Music Education, but other combinations of majors are possible.  Pursuing a double major will likely add time to your degree plan (students who double major typically take more than 4 years to graduate.) 
  • Can I double major in a Conservatory degree and a non-Conservatory degree?
    • If you are interested in pursuing a Conservatory area and a degree in another area, the Conservatory degree must be your “home degree.”  For students interested in a double major, we recommend looking into our Bachelor of Arts in Music degree, which has non-music course requirements and can often fit well alongside a non-Conservatory degree.  Completion of a double major will typically take longer than 4 years.
  • I have transfer credit.  How long will it take me to complete a Conservatory degree?
    • For transfer students (with at least 24 transferrable credits), completion of a Conservatory degree will typically take at least 3 years.  For incoming freshmen with dual credit or AP/IB credit, completion of a Conservatory degree will typically take at least 4 years.
  • Do you offer a degree in Musical Theater?
    • We do not have a musical theater program at this time.  We do produce two main-stage operas each year, but we do not currently have plans for any musical theater productions.

Applying and Auditioning

  • How do I apply?
  • Does the Conservatory require a supplemental application?
    • As of November 2017, the Conservatory does not require a supplemental application.  All application materials can be submitted to the UMKC General App.
  • How do I sign up for an audition?
    • You will choose your audition date as part of your application.  The date you choose is the date on which you will audition.  We offer three audition dates: two in February and one in March.  Current audition dates can be found here:
  • Do I have to come to campus for an audition?
    • Applicants whose degree programs require an audition are very strongly advised to audition on campus.  If you live more than 300 miles from campus, you may request a video audition.  Please note that video audition requests must be approved by Conservatory faculty, and full scholarship consideration may not be available to video auditions.  Contact Conservatory Admissions for questions about video auditions.
  • When will I hear more about my application?
    • Once you complete your application, you will receive a confirmation email.  You will then receive an audition time 30 days prior to your audition date.  If you did not receive a confirmation email or you need to inquire about the status of your application, please contact us at
  • When will I hear results of my application/audition?
    • The Conservatory does not admit students on a rolling basis.  All admissions decisions are made after the final audition date of the year (typically the first Friday in March).  Letters of acceptance/waitlist/denial will be sent mid-March.
  • Is there a cost to complete a Conservatory application?
    • The UMKC application fee is $45 for domestic applicants, and $75 for international applicants.
  • Where do I send transcripts?
    • Domestic Applicants: All transcripts must be sent directly to UMKC Admissions.  Please do not send transcripts directly to the Conservatory.  Transcripts are considered official if they are received in a sealed envelope or sent electronically to the Office of Admissions through either Parchment, National Student Clearing House, or eScrip-Safe.
      • If sending by mail, please address to:
        • UMKC Office of Admissions
          5100 Rockhill Road
          Kansas City, MO 64110
      • If sending electronically:
    • International Applicants: All transcripts must be sent directly to the UMKC International Student Affairs Office.  Please do not send transcripts directly to the Conservatory.  Transcripts are considered official if they are received in a sealed envelope or sent electronically to ISAO.
    • If sending by mail, please address to:
      • International Student Affairs Office, University of MIssouri-Kansas City
        Atturbury Student Success Center, G-04, 5000 Holmes Street
        Kansas City, MO 64110
    • If sending electronically:
  • I missed the deadline!  Can I still apply?
    • In certain cases, we may be able to take your application past the deadline.  Please contact us at to inquire.
  • Can I start in the spring semester?
    • Most programs do not start new students in the spring semester.  If you have any questions about your desired start date, please contact us.
  • I am considering multiple degree programs.  Can I apply for more than one?
    • Yes, you may apply for multiple degree programs.  We recommend that you limit your choices to programs in which you feel you can be highly successful.  Our current application does not support multiple degree programs, so if you would like to apply for another degree program, please contact us at 816-235-2932 or
  • I play multiple instruments, should I list them all on my application?
    • The instruments you list on the application are the instruments for which we will be scheduling you an audition.  We ask that you list only the instrument(s) in which you are most highly proficient, and on which you would like to audition.  If you are highly proficient in more than one area, you are welcome to audition in more than one.  However, it is not common for a student to audition on three or more instruments (or voice types).  Most students who audition in two areas will select only one on which to begin their program of study.
  • What should I prepare for my audition?
  • I want to apply for the Summer MME program, what do I need to know?
    • The application for the Summer MME is the same as that of a full-time MME program.
    • For your audition date, select “N/A.”  An audition for this degree program is not required, but you will to interview with our Music Education faculty.  We will contact you to schedule this interview.
    • To be eligible for this degree program, you must have completed a undergraduate degree in music education with a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Is a GRE required for your graduate programs?
    • We do not require a GRE or GMAT for our graduate applications.

Conservatory Scholarships

  • What scholarships do you offer?
    • Conservatory scholarships are offered based on academic merit (ACT/SAT test scores and class rank) and the strength of your application/audition.  They vary in size and number from year to year, based on factors such as the size of our applicant pool and the requirements of each studio.
  • Do you have any graduate assistantships available?
  • When I will receive a scholarship offer?
    • If you are offered a Conservatory scholarship, a letter with details about your offer will be emailed to you by the first week of April.  If you have not been awarded a Conservatory scholarship, you will not receive a scholarship offer letter.  The Conservatory does not send any notifications by postal mail.
  • Is my Conservatory scholarship renewable?
    • Scholarships are renewable each year for students who retain a GPA of at least 3.0, and who remain on or ahead of their designated degree map.

General Questions

  • I am traveling to the Conservatory from out of town.  Are there hotels nearby?
  • Do you have a marching band?
    • UMKC has a wonderful Division I sports program, but our athletic programs do not include football, so we do not have a marching band.
  • Are students required to live on-campus?
    • UMKC does not require students to live on campus, but we do have residence halls on campus.  Information on on-campus housing can be found here:
  • Can I meet with an academic advisor?
    • Appointments with our academic advisors are available for current Conservatory students only.  For questions about degree programs, transfer credits, and enrollment, please contact Conservatory Admissions.  
  • I was recently admitted to the Conservatory.  How do I enroll for classes?
    • New students will be eligible for enrollment in classes once orientation has been completed.  Newly admitted undergraduate students can sign up for orientation here:  Newly admitted graduate students will receive information about orientation from our Graduate Advisor.
  • If I am a UMKC student in a different major (non-Conservatory), can I take Conservatory classes?
    • The Conservatory offers a number of courses available to all UMKC students.  These courses can be found in the course catalog.  For a comprehensive list, please contact the Conservatory Admissions office.
  • Can I sign up for band/orchestra/choir if I am not a Conservatory student?
    • Any UMKC student may audition for our ensembles.  We cannot guarantee space to non-Conservatory students, but we have had many students of all different majors perform with us.  Ensemble auditions take place in August just before the start of classes.  Information about ensemble auditions can be found here:
  • I want more information about your program.  Can you mail me a brochure?
  • I want to learn how to play a new instrument.  Can the Conservatory help me to learn?
    • Conservatory degree programs are designed for students who are already highly proficient as an instrumentalist/vocalist/dancer, so we do not accept beginners.  However, our Academy offers private lessons and classes for many instruments and areas of study.  Academy lessons are non-credit lessons and are available to students and community members of all ages and ability levels.  More information about Academy programs can be found here:


Contact us:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 816-235-2900. Offices are open Monday­–Friday, 8:00 am–5:00 pm