Student recital scheduling procedures

Your degree-required recital must be registered with the Concert Activities Office, PAC room 333. This applies to recitals performed both on and off campus.

Student Recital Scheduling Procedures (PDF)

Student Recital Tracking Form (PDF)

Recitals must be scheduled in person in PAC room 333. Recital scheduling occurs the first week of the semester starting with D.M.A. and followed by masters and undergraduate degrees. Available dates, times and locations are posted prior to the start of the semester. A completed recital tracking form along with payment in full; $125 on campus and $100 off campus, is required at the time of booking. Standard starting times for recitals performed both on and off campus are Noon, 2:30 p.m., 5:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Recitals planned within the first 60 days of any semester may be scheduled the previous semester or during semester break. We require 30 days advanced booking of any recital.

Students will be provided two hours of dress rehearsal time. This time may or may not be contiguous based on hall availability. Stage crew will not staff dress rehearsals. Any sound reinforcement/playback issues will need to be addressed with the sound/recording personnel prior to your dress rehearsal. Standard studio fees of $40/hour will apply. Access to the hall will begin one hour prior to your performance time for setup, rehearsal, sound check and to meet with your stage crew to review program needs.

Off-campus recitals are staffed by an audio engineer. No stage manager will be provided.

Recitals are limited to 90 minutes in length, inclusive of intermission.

In the event that a desired recital date or timeframe is unavailable, the Concert Activities Office (PAC 333) maintains a waitlist. You must request a spot on the waitlist in person.

A $25 cancellation fee applies to a recital rescheduled or canceled within 60 days of the scheduled date.

The Concert Activities Office will provide a stage manager and recording/sound engineer for all on-campus recitals. Staff will arrive one hour prior to the start of the performance. No ushers are provided for student recitals.

Standard recital setup includes a choice of grand piano, 10 music stands, 10 chairs and recording equipment set by the engineer. Any additional equipment or sound reinforcement/playback issues must be indicated at the time of booking.

By contract, the University of Missouri system holds licenses with both ASCAP and BMI. To comply with those contracts and to meet the NASM standards required for all degree recitals, the Conservatory must maintain an archive of all student recital programs and audio recordings. The recital fee covers all required archive materials and includes one CD copy of the performance. All degree-required recitals must utilize the Conservatory recording process whether performed on or off campus. Failure to do so may result in an incomplete permanent file and may delay graduation.

Conservatory produced programs are required for all recitals performed on campus and are required for all degree recitals whether performed at on-campus or off-campus venues. Non-degree recitals, performed off campus, are exempt from this requirement. Recital fees cover the cost of 75 professionally printed programs including all archive programs. Also included is a listing of your recital on the Conservatory’s website, online calendar and mobile applications. The deadline for submission of complete program information is 30 days prior to your scheduled recital date. All information is due at that time. Failure to meet this deadline may result in the cancellation of your recital performance.

The lobby areas outside of both White Recital Hall and Grant Recital Hall are available for receptions following recital performances. Students must indicate at the time of booking that they wish to hold a reception following the performance. One six-foot table will be made available. Students are solely responsible for set up, tear down and cleanup for receptions.