Adjunct Composition Prof. Jim Mobberley Busy With Commissions

Adjunct Professor of composition, Jim Mobberley, who retired in summer 2016 as Curators' Professor of Music Composition, (and more than 30 years with the Conservatory) has been busy with commissions and visiting composer residencies lately.  To wit:

Featured Guest Composer, Ball State New Music Festival, IN, March 14–16, with seven of his works performed.

Guest Composer, Furman University, Greenville SC, March 30–31, giving lessons and a presentation on his music.

Commissioned Composer, North Carolina New Music Initiative, East Carolina University, Greenville NC, April 1–3, where he had a premiere of Capricious Paradise for 16 instruments, plus two other performances, lessons, master classes, presentations to theory and composition students, and a recording session of Capricious Paradise. 

This visit was the last of three over the past two and a half years years, as Mobberley was selected as the first Commissioned Composer by the ECU music students from a list of 100 composers.  The Initiative is continuing with commissions for two more composers next year and the year after.

Congratulations, Dr. Mobberley.

Published: Apr 11, 2017