Dr. Andrew Granade Named one of Three Presidential Engagement Fellows

The UMKC Conservatory is pleased to announce that Dr. Andrew Granade, Professor of Musicology and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, has been named as one of three faculty in the inaugural class of scholars for the Presidential Engagement Fellows program because of his demonstrated excellence and his ability to communicate his work to the public. the other two faculty members are Simon Friedman, UMKC School of Pharmacy, and Jane Greer, UMKC Department of English.

The goal of the program is three-fold; to share research and creative activities with audiences across the state; to give stakeholders a personal connection to the excellent work of the University’s faculty; and finally, to help fulfill the University's land grant mission to disseminate and apply knowledge for the benefit all Missourians.

Congratulations, Dr. Granade!

Published: Apr 17, 2018