Reviews of Chen Yi's Concertos for String Instruments Are Out

The Conservatory is pleased to note that Chen Yi's Concertos for String Instruments, performed by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project has gotten some amazing reviews! 

The American Record Guide notes, "The orchestral and chamber music of Chinese composer Chen Yi is atmospheric and extravagantly colorful, full of delicate percussion showers, swooping glissandos, and shivery bent notes. Much of it is chant-like, some of it is songful, and sometimes it is relentelss and brutal."

Keith Powers, in "Music Review: Best Classical CDs of 2018" notes ..."Chen Yi's music merits all the attention it can get—it brings us closer to whatever world harmony might be, not just some east-meets-west pastiche. Four works here, all concerto-type pieces for string soloist and ensemble. Of particular note: "Fiddle Suite for Huqin" (a family of simple stringed instruments, with the erhu best known in the west), with soloist Wang Guowei. Snaky, melodic and haunting."


Published: Dec 19, 2018