Concerto/Aria 2018 Winners Announced!

The Conservatory is pleased to announce the winners of the Concerto/Aria 2018 competition.  The winners will perform with the Conservatory Orchestra, March 1, 2018, 7:30 p.m., in White Recital Hall.

Christian Atteberry, piano  (Student of Robert Weirich)

Sarah-Lynn Bennett, soprano  (Student of Aidan Soder)

Kyle Chandler, trumpet  (Student of Keith Benjamin)

Jared Marble, alto saxophone  (Student of Zachary Shemon)

ALTERNATE: YeongJu Heo, viola (Student of Scott Lee)

Thanks to all of the participants and to the panel of judges, Kyle Pickett, Music director, Topeka Symphony and Springfield (MO) Symphony; Janice Wenger, Piano Coordinator, University of Missouri-Columbia School of Music, Genaro Mendez, Jr., Associate Professor of Music, University of Kansas School of Music.


Published: Feb 5, 2018