Conservatory Welcomes Matteo Magarotto

The Conservatory is pleased to announce that Dr. Matteo Magarotto joins the Conservatory, Fall 2018 as a one-year Assistant Teaching Professor in Musicology. Dr. Magarotto earned his PhD in Musicology with a minor in Music Theory from the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music with his dissertation, “The Interaction of Sonata Form and Schemata Derived from Galant Practice in the First Movements of Mozart’s Keyboard Sonatas.” He has continued to work on Classical-era music in his scholarship, publishing “Nonlinear Temporality in Mozart’s Instrumental Music” in 2016 and completing a forthcoming article on Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony, as well as delving into issues in music history pedagogy through numerous conference presentations. He is an accomplished teacher, coming to the Conservatory from a Visiting Scholar position at Cornell University, and has taught undergraduate courses in general music history, on opera history, on the symphony, and graduate courses in research and writing in music.


Published: Jun 4, 2018