Fountain City Brass Band Tours and Competes in England, Nov. 2018

Kansas City’s award-winning Fountain City Brass Band, whose music director is the Conservatory’s Joseph Parisi, and whose artistic director is Conservatory alumni Lee Harrelson, and which includes Conservatory alumni, students, and faculty, tours and competes in England, Nov. 12–20, 2018. The tour is named the Streets of Life Tour.

While on tour, FCBB will be filmed by England’s SKY Arts TV. SKY is doing a four-part documentary on brass banding in the UK. Each hour-long episode follows a couple bands throughout their preparation and performance at one of the major UK competitions. The SKY crew selected FCBB to follow at Brass in Concert. A two-person crew will be with FCBB at its concerts with Dobcross Silver Band, and Salford University and on the bus to Gateshead where the band competes in the Brass in Concert Championships.

Eight camera crews will be on-sight at the Brass in Concert Championships. SKY will interview Dr. Parisi, Helen Harrelson, the tour planner, and other members of the band with an interest in Fountain City and the American brass band. They will also be following a couple band members with 'big moments' in the show really closely throughout the weekend. 

Congratulations to Fountain City Brass Band!

Published: Nov 8, 2018