Composition Prof. Paul Rudy Featured at New Music Festival

The UMKC Conservatory is pleased to note that Paul Rudy Curators' Distinguished Professor of Music Composition, will be featured at Fort Hayes State University's New Music Festival, 2018, Nov. 2–3, Fort Hayes, Kansas. Dr. Rudy, as the composer in residence will present a lecture, and one of his compositions Arise!, which was commissioned by the FHSU New Music Ensemble, a group of FHSU music faculty who share a passion for the music of living composers. will have its world premiere at an evening concert.

About Dr. Rudy, Dr. Kristin Pisano, associate professor of music and director of the New Music Festival at FHSU, said "His music and sonic art balance conservatory training with shamanic practices, subtle energies and technology, each of which guide his intuitive performances and compositions, bridging science and spirituality,”

Congrats Dr. Rudy!

Published: Oct 11, 2018