Andrew Granade's Recent Speaking Engagements

Dr. Andrew Granade, Professor of Musicology and Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs, has been busy with public speaking lately, in addition to his other academic duties. On August 18, 2018 he presented a talk to the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society titled Music in the Whedonverse, a reference to screenwriter, director, and composer Joss Whedon's work, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and more!

Granade also spoke to the Missouri 100 in Columbia, September 8, 2018 on Music in Missouri. Conservatory students John Livingston performed Scott Joplin on piano with Kaitlyn Gardner dancing choreography by Taylor Edwards, and Elisabeth Boaz singing some Virgil Thomson songs. The students are pictured with Dr. Granade on the left and UMKC Chancellor Dr. Agrawal.


Published: Sep 13, 2018