Musicology Faculty Alison DeSimone Chairs Panel

Alison DeSimone Assistant Professor of Musicology, attended the national meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies in Denver, CO (March 21–24, 2019), where she chaired a panel, “Consuming Foreign Music and Theatre in Eighteenth-Century London,” delivered a paper “Songbook Miscellanies and Every Day Life in Early Eighteenth-Century London”, and gave a lecture recital, “Virtute Duce, Comite Fortuna: Music for Harpsichord and Flute by Eighteenth-Century Female Composers,” alongside Dr. Kimary Fick, Oregon State University. They gave another performance of this lecture recital in Colorado Springs, CO, as guests of the Parish House Baroque Ensemble.

DeSimone also helped to host the spring meeting of the Midwest Chapter of the American Musicological Society at UMKC.

Published: Apr 29, 2019