Founded in 1906, the UMKC Conservatory is governed by a number of policies and procedures intended to facilitate its educational, artistic and scholarly goals. This faculty and staff handbook is intended as a reference containing policies and procedures that guide the Conservatory’s mission.

These policies and procedures were created in a combined effort by the University of Missouri System, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Conservatory dean, Conservatory executive committee, various faculty standing committees and the faculty as a whole, as appropriate to the authority delegated to each role and the matter under consideration.

While no attempt has been made to include every policy guiding UMKC and its Conservatory, this handbook includes policies and procedures currently in place that govern principal activities or major policies pertaining to the entire faculty.

Faculty Handbook


On the University of Missouri's designated performing arts campus, the UMKC Conservatory is an educational community that advances creativity, performance, scholarship and learning in the arts. We are a vital partner in Kansas City's rich cultural environment, providing the highest level of professional instruction and an extensive array of performances. As a community, we collaborate to balance tradition, innovation, diversity and unity, as we seek to serve art and humanity.


As a conservatory of international stature, we aim to be the destination of choice for students seeking artistic and pedagogical excellence, training that is enhanced through community-centered learning, and research and creativity in the integrated performing arts. Situated within an urban research university in Kansas City, we collaborate with our local and campus partners to engage in work unique to this region as we pursue a global understanding of how the arts improve lives.

  • All academic courses at UMKC are required to have a syllabus detailing course resources, assignments, grading scale, and course calendar among other sections. For information on generating a syllabus using our online tool or for the current UMKC syllabus template and policy and resources statements for your syllabi, visit the website of UMKC’s Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence.
  • The Board of Curators of the University of Missouri recognizes that academic integrity is essential for the intellectual life of the University. Faculty members have a special obligation to expect high standards of academic integrity in all student work. If you suspect a student of engaging in academic dishonesty (including cheating, plagiarism, unauthorized use of artificially generated content, or sabotage) report that conduct within 10 calendar days of discovery by using this form. More information about academic integrity and the university honor code can be found on the Provost’s website.
  • If you are interested in proposing a new course or modifying an existing course, please follow the guidelines in the Curriculum Committee Procedures. If you are interested in teaching a specialty course that will not be added to the catalog, speak with your Division Chair
  • If you are interested in proposing a new degree plan or modifying a current degree, speak with the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Director of Graduate Studies, depending on the level of the degree.